Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Power Outages

Well, the power has been very iffy today so I am trying to post an entry from my iPad. If I get used to this I may just develop a habit of posting entries. 
I started packing the Jeep today for the camping trip this weekend. I never realized how big our stuff is. Tent, folding chairs, cooler, sleeping pad and bags, there might not be room for our clothes. Hahaha. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Camping Stuff

My mom is visiting me for a few days so I only have time to jot down some of the equipment that I will be receiving from Amazon for my camping adventures. TOO EXCITED!!!



Monday, March 17, 2014

Cooking is Coming Back to Me

Camping FOR THE WIN!!!

Hubby and I have spent an enormous amount of time searching the internet for just the right camping equipment at just the right price. I made the order today and I scheduled the first camping trip. OH My Goodness!! We are actually doing this! I will post all of the fun goodies that we bought when they get here and we can try them out.

I don't think I could exaggerate my excitement about this. I have cabin fever. The winter has been long and mean. I am ready to get outside and play.

I am actively working on a rug. I have cut up old socks and crocheted them into circles. I don't want to show pictures of the progress right now because they look really primitive.

I have been cooking more lately. I felt as though I couldn't do anything right in the kitchen so I just spent three days just trying to get the cooking skillz back.

I also made the ever easy crowd pleasing Chili. Everything that I made turned out great except the bacon for Sunday brunch. What the heck man!!?? I can't be in charge of bacon. It is just wrong to destroy that delicious goodness. I destroyed it. Seriously it was barely recognizable. My hubby was so very sad.

Luckily, I made separate bacon for my bacon pancakes for brunch. At least my pancakes were rockin'.
I will be making some homemade soups next week to clean out the fridge and also to take me into some awesome Springtime weather. Once it is Summer we won't want soups.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthdays for Teens

I expected more kids to show and I expected my brownies to be better..... bummer.
They had a great time. Kids just like to hang out together. I should know that by now.

She keeps telling me that she just made "suggestions" to her friends for her gifts but all the parents said that she told her friends what to get her. I believe it. She had a very specific list of wishes this year. (and she is rather bossy) We painted pottery and played with punch balloons and I sat in the corner being sick. I did take some time to break the rock hard bricks of brownies that I had made. Next time I will not cook them so long. If I had been able to serve them warm they would have been softer and easier to deal with but they were cold and ROCK HARD!! Advice to all the moms who don't know this yet - when serving brownies the next day be sure to cut the cook time down so that they will be soft. UGH!! so frustrating.
Well, she is 13 now and I can't even think about her getting any older. She will be in High School in the next couple of years, then she will be driving, and boyfriends, High School graduation, and then college. So much happens so close together now. I think I may just cry forever..... Deep Breaths. One day at a time and don't miss a single thing. That is all I can do.

Many Fun Things

I have caught a head cold and feel oogy. BUUUUUT, I have great news!! We bought a Jeep. I am so excited that all of our talks and plans to go adventuring are coming together. We have started planning 2 trips with the Jeep. One will be in the next couple of months. My husband's uncle is turning 90 so we will drive out to Arkansas to visit and maybe while we are there we will go fishing and try to set up all of the camping stuff. I am not sure if he will want to camp because we are only planning a day trip. So that will be the test run. I have found many things near home that we have never seen so we are going to Natchez and that trip will probably be around my birthday - so late May.

We took the top off of the front, rolled the windows down, and drove out to the Refuge. It was a perfect day and we saw lots of Canadian Geese. It was almost 80 degrees outside so we walked some trails and looked for alligators. I could not convince hubby to drive through any dirt roads or mud because the dealer had not detailed the vehicle yet and that would just be mean to get the truck all dirty just before they have to clean it.
The weather in Mississippi is a joke. It was no warmer than 32 today. When I got up to take the truck back in to get it detailed there was ice all over it.

We stopped at Krispy Kreme to get some breakfast. My diet is going well, don't you think? Hahaha!!
After the detail work was done I took my daughter out to the Lock and Dam to go through some ditches. I didn't get it too muddy. It is more grassy than muddy out there. She had a blast. We also did some tight circles in the parking lot. (two sets of donuts for the day)

Crazy weather....

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Good Day is......

Well now that my pity party is over I can focus on the birthday party coming up tomorrow.  We are going to paint pottery and eat enormous amounts of chocolate. My daughter has turned 13 and I thought it would be appropriate to eat large quantities of decadent sweets.
I have taken more pictures of my creations and I have stopped creating much lately because I am struggling with a tunic that I would love to figure out. It is lovely but I am not great at piecing things together. I would much rather have a continuous project going until the end.
This looks red but it is brown. I am trying to fix my pictures so that they represent correctly what they look like. I am not quite there.
I really like this blue one. I only had a little bit of the wool yarn left and this is what I made from it. It is lovely. Because it is wool, it is a little bit itchy but very warm and it lays flat because of the twist. I am very happy with it.
This yarn is silver and very soft. It is 50% silk. The item is more of a cowl. It fits loosely around my neck and goes over my head easily. There are many loose strands of yarn because of the tulip design so it is a high risk for snagging. I will consider this more carefully next time I work with this type of yarn. It would have served me better in a tighter pattern.

I am so in love with this one, I may not give it up. It is so long and the colors are bold. It reminds me of something that I would buy at Anthropologie. I will definitely make a new one of these when I have enough scraps. 

This is similar to the scarf above. It was just a project that I worked on while traveling. I had no pattern and no real idea of what I was doing so it is fairly ugly and it is all scraps so I am willing to give it to a good home. hahaha. 

This one took me forever to figure out how to do the skulls. The pattern that I found online was not correct. The skulls curl in. I had to improvise to get a couple that are constructed properly. I will know exactly what I am doing when I get good yarn. I am planning to make this with white or cream colored yarn with trails of flowers in many different colors flowing through it. I have a gorgeous mental picture of it. :)

This is a basket weave pattern and I was amazed at how simple this pattern is. I was so happy with how it looked and I can't wait to buy pretty yarn to do these projects that I have only been practicing at.
This is another simple pattern that I thought turned out fairly well. I had to "sew" it together to form the circle and I wasn't happy about that. I have mentioned before that I don't like piecing things together. I will get more comfortable with these things. That is why I practice with material that is cheap. I want to be great at completing a project when I have the best material.

For now, I need to work on my photographs. Perhaps I will set up a photo box to capture the colors correctly and get the lighting right. Even though these are "fine" photos, I don't think they look at all the way I would like for them to. I may even have to make a sculpture to prop the scarves on for a better representation of the size. I have a few dolls that I made a year or so ago and I will put them up here also. I am having a great day when I have finished a project.