Sunday, May 18, 2014

Camping Continued

All of the items that we bought for camping have been wonderful. I don't think I needed the hammock but it has been lovely. I would upgrade my hammock for one that lets two people enjoy it at the same time just because my daughter is very snuggly and can't stand to see me nap alone. haha.
We have enjoyed a couple of State Parks since the first camping trip.
This is Historic Jefferson College.

I am not going to write all about its history. These websites have done that so much better than I ever could. I would just like to say that it is always a pleasure to have a bit of history injected into our traveling fun.

This site was the saddest place that I have been in a very long time. I couldn't help but cry for the people that suffered at that time. This was one of the largest slave trade sites in the nation.

I don't care what people say on Pinterest. This recipe did not work. The rolls would not cook in this orange peel. I am sure it must be my fault but seriously - this did not work for us.

We had the worst storm this night and at some points truly believed we would be drenched because the winds were so strong that the tent could have been torn to shreds but it held up and I love it because it did not let us down.

I know this is difficult to read but it is a memorial to the lives lost in the Rhythm Club fire. Please watch this if you get a chance.

We crossed the Mississippi River into Louisiana. The town was named Vidalia. It was funny to me because I have heard of and been to Vidalia Georgia but never knew there was a Vidalia Louisiana.

This is the shack that welcomed us each time we turned on to the road that took us back to our campsite. So many little landmarks like this one. I found them all very charming.

We drove around and continued to find great tidbits of history.

Too dark to see.                                                         Too bright to look good.

This is all that was left of the Female college. So sad.

We simply could not figure these out so we turned around and went back to get a closer look.

I am pretty sure these are great grey herons. I am often wrong though....

And these were just on the way home. Not that big of a deal but I thought I would throw them in here in case someone was interested in either one of the signs and wanted to look them up.
Overall we had a great time camping. It was the right temperature even if it was kinda scary weather. By the way this trip took place in the middle of April 2014.

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