Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Time Change

Yeah, I kinda hate the time change stuff. I lived in Phoenix for 12 years and really loved not worrying about time change. So that is my excuse for dragging today (plus I have a UTI again).   :(

So I have been making lots of smoothies and enjoyed the first half of the ones that I made. The last few that I have made have been not so yummy. I was simply too brave. I thought that I could deviate from the recipe and build my own flavor and set the world on fire with my creativity and stuff..... I was wrong. I failed miserably and now I have a bunch of smoothie in my fridge that I really don't know if I will ever drink them. Gah!!.

Ok, so Halloween came and went and I was supposed to weigh 120 by that time.... I do not. I am 128.5. I decided that this is a life change that I have made and counting calories is not hard or bad and the lack of candy in my life is not bringing me down (too much). I will press on in a much more relaxed way and try to let go of the diet nazi inside of me. :) My clothes fit so much better. I have even rescued my favorite pants from the Salvation Army pile!! Woot! If only I could get back all those other clothes that I gave away before.... Oh well. A new good reason to shop.

I have two weeks before I leave to go see my son in DisneyWorld!  I simply cannot wait. I have one test to take and a couple of quizzes but I can't concentrate. I just want to hug his scrawny body again. It has been months since I have seen him. I will post many pics. No worries at all.

I have also located a hard drive full of my food pictures. I think I will post a few up here with the recipe for each picture so that my readers can see that I actually do cook. We will see how often they come up though. I am also working on two baby quilts. I can't believe so many of my friends are pregnant.

These are my new Urban Junket bags!!! Squeeeeee!! I am such a fan of this company! I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

My daughter and I busted my iPad. This was a very sad day but there is always good to be found; my husband bought me the new iPad and I will get this one fixed and give it to one of my kids. Someone (and me) is very happy indeed. 

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