Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Belle and Sebastian is playing on iTunes

This is my cat Segundo. He is stealing my attention away from the Pharmacology textbook that obviously doesn't love me as much as he does. You are also able to see my bad snacks sitting all around us. Well the orange is not bad but the peanut butter and dried fruit that I usually stack on top of Ritz crackers..... yes very bad. 
I am at my workstation. Trying to think of something clever to say. haha. A couple of projects going through my mind. I would like to make more scarfs for my hair and I would like to make my own mini-skirt. I will keep you posted on those. Here are some blog sites that show off the scarves trend on people way cooler than myself.  http://www.divinecaroline.com/22260/125332-favorite-hair-accessory-and-ways-wear  I also like http://www.mygirlthursday.com/2011/03/style-it-vintage-scarves-in-your-hair.html
My daughter posing like Michael Jackson. She is cracking me up. We were in Nashville at a hat shop and she could not resist.

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