Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthdays for Teens

I expected more kids to show and I expected my brownies to be better..... bummer.
They had a great time. Kids just like to hang out together. I should know that by now.

She keeps telling me that she just made "suggestions" to her friends for her gifts but all the parents said that she told her friends what to get her. I believe it. She had a very specific list of wishes this year. (and she is rather bossy) We painted pottery and played with punch balloons and I sat in the corner being sick. I did take some time to break the rock hard bricks of brownies that I had made. Next time I will not cook them so long. If I had been able to serve them warm they would have been softer and easier to deal with but they were cold and ROCK HARD!! Advice to all the moms who don't know this yet - when serving brownies the next day be sure to cut the cook time down so that they will be soft. UGH!! so frustrating.
Well, she is 13 now and I can't even think about her getting any older. She will be in High School in the next couple of years, then she will be driving, and boyfriends, High School graduation, and then college. So much happens so close together now. I think I may just cry forever..... Deep Breaths. One day at a time and don't miss a single thing. That is all I can do.

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