Monday, March 17, 2014

Cooking is Coming Back to Me

Camping FOR THE WIN!!!

Hubby and I have spent an enormous amount of time searching the internet for just the right camping equipment at just the right price. I made the order today and I scheduled the first camping trip. OH My Goodness!! We are actually doing this! I will post all of the fun goodies that we bought when they get here and we can try them out.

I don't think I could exaggerate my excitement about this. I have cabin fever. The winter has been long and mean. I am ready to get outside and play.

I am actively working on a rug. I have cut up old socks and crocheted them into circles. I don't want to show pictures of the progress right now because they look really primitive.

I have been cooking more lately. I felt as though I couldn't do anything right in the kitchen so I just spent three days just trying to get the cooking skillz back.

I also made the ever easy crowd pleasing Chili. Everything that I made turned out great except the bacon for Sunday brunch. What the heck man!!?? I can't be in charge of bacon. It is just wrong to destroy that delicious goodness. I destroyed it. Seriously it was barely recognizable. My hubby was so very sad.

Luckily, I made separate bacon for my bacon pancakes for brunch. At least my pancakes were rockin'.
I will be making some homemade soups next week to clean out the fridge and also to take me into some awesome Springtime weather. Once it is Summer we won't want soups.

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