Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Always more Projects

I guess I should start making lists.
I start things but have difficulty finishing them at times. The bigger the project the more likely I will quit before the end. Well, maybe I can change that.
This looks similar to another scarf but it is only the same yarn.

This is a lovely picture but it is difficult to tell that it is a scarf. I call it my ugly scarf. :)

This is a purse made from grocery sacks. I absolutely love up-cycling.

I am trying to get a handle on Rhino art so that I may do a piece for my hubby's office.

I am a goof. My son wanted silly faces to help sell the scarves. This one did not make the cut. hahaha.

This is the ugly scarf. It is actually one of my favorites.

I don't know what I am thinking sometimes. ugh.

Practicing the simple granny square.

This was a great stitch and I made the blanket quite large but then I took it all out because I don't care for pink.

I wish I could remember how I did this stitch. I really like it.

This is perfect in so many ways but I hate the colors. I will be making this pattern again.

I dyed the pink yarn because I am not so fond of pink.

The bulk of my collection.

The dyed pink ball of yarn. I was impressed with its size.

My new project is a skull scarf. This is not the best one but then again, none of them are.

This is the beginning of a geek quilt. I have only tacked down the pieces to some of these circles. I will do a satin stitch to hold everything firmly in place once I have all of my circles cut and tacked.

Skull scarf coming together.

It needs to be longer and maybe fatter. All of the heads will face the proper direction when I am finished also.
I am not listening to music tonight. I am about ready for bed. Goodnight sweeties.

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