Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tonight I feel Fat

I know that we all feel this way sometimes. I see the texture on my legs and I get depressed. I have very little willpower. I enjoy eating and I indulge often. My husband likes to exercise but I hate it. I am ready for warmer weather so that we can go for walks again.

My skull scarf is coming together. I really do enjoy yarn arts but I have been told that my abilities are less than impressive. Wow, that kinda hurt. I would like to be good at something that I enjoy. I guess I won't be selling many scarves if they are "less than impressive".

I am a little bit bummed. I think I will make this a short post for tonight and post pics of the finished skull scarf tomorrow. Maybe I will even have more of my geek quilt to show then also.

Once again, I am not listening to music. Perhaps I should, it might improve my mood.


  1. I certainly know that feeling. I had a lot of body issues when I was younger and some of those feelings continue up until now. What I do is find my motivation to live healthy and think healthy. It may come in various forms, but I think the greatest factor would be a loving support group, like your family. I hope your mood has improved this spring. Happiness and health!

    Dr. Kenneth Sanders @ Knight And Sanders

    1. Thank you very much for your concern. I have good days and bad days but I try to take care of myself. I stay busy and eat only when I am hungry. Getting outdoors has been such a blessing. I hope your springtime is as beautiful as ours.