Friday, February 28, 2014

A Good Day is......

Well now that my pity party is over I can focus on the birthday party coming up tomorrow.  We are going to paint pottery and eat enormous amounts of chocolate. My daughter has turned 13 and I thought it would be appropriate to eat large quantities of decadent sweets.
I have taken more pictures of my creations and I have stopped creating much lately because I am struggling with a tunic that I would love to figure out. It is lovely but I am not great at piecing things together. I would much rather have a continuous project going until the end.
This looks red but it is brown. I am trying to fix my pictures so that they represent correctly what they look like. I am not quite there.
I really like this blue one. I only had a little bit of the wool yarn left and this is what I made from it. It is lovely. Because it is wool, it is a little bit itchy but very warm and it lays flat because of the twist. I am very happy with it.
This yarn is silver and very soft. It is 50% silk. The item is more of a cowl. It fits loosely around my neck and goes over my head easily. There are many loose strands of yarn because of the tulip design so it is a high risk for snagging. I will consider this more carefully next time I work with this type of yarn. It would have served me better in a tighter pattern.

I am so in love with this one, I may not give it up. It is so long and the colors are bold. It reminds me of something that I would buy at Anthropologie. I will definitely make a new one of these when I have enough scraps. 

This is similar to the scarf above. It was just a project that I worked on while traveling. I had no pattern and no real idea of what I was doing so it is fairly ugly and it is all scraps so I am willing to give it to a good home. hahaha. 

This one took me forever to figure out how to do the skulls. The pattern that I found online was not correct. The skulls curl in. I had to improvise to get a couple that are constructed properly. I will know exactly what I am doing when I get good yarn. I am planning to make this with white or cream colored yarn with trails of flowers in many different colors flowing through it. I have a gorgeous mental picture of it. :)

This is a basket weave pattern and I was amazed at how simple this pattern is. I was so happy with how it looked and I can't wait to buy pretty yarn to do these projects that I have only been practicing at.
This is another simple pattern that I thought turned out fairly well. I had to "sew" it together to form the circle and I wasn't happy about that. I have mentioned before that I don't like piecing things together. I will get more comfortable with these things. That is why I practice with material that is cheap. I want to be great at completing a project when I have the best material.

For now, I need to work on my photographs. Perhaps I will set up a photo box to capture the colors correctly and get the lighting right. Even though these are "fine" photos, I don't think they look at all the way I would like for them to. I may even have to make a sculpture to prop the scarves on for a better representation of the size. I have a few dolls that I made a year or so ago and I will put them up here also. I am having a great day when I have finished a project.

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